Plato The Training Finder Bot

If you are an education or skill training provider, your prospective applicants consist of people who have a perpetual online presence across multiple devices, and a strong preference for on-demand, instant responses to queries.

During the appraisal and hiring period, aspirants flock to training institutes with applications or enquiries about specific courses and fees. The institute staff proceeds to address these queries, using both online and offline channels. The process takes time, requires a great deal of manpower, and leaves at least some margin for error or ambiguity in communication. Plato, our chatbot for training institutes and online education providers, can help eliminate all these issues.


Our chatbot can be programmed with automated answers to repetitive questions, and any number of prospective students can chat with it, at any hour of the day or night. Plato is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that uses Natural Language processing to understand the queries of students and visitors. Natural Language processing means that Plato can understand spoken (and written) language that we use every day. This means that you don't need to remember any format for asking questions from Plato. Plato can do this in most languages used in this world since it is multilingual.

According to Gartner, training providers that use online chatbots on their websites thus have greater chances of drawing and retaining the attention of their target audience. Through these training and education chatbots, training institutes can create an effective funnel for dispensing relevant information about their courses. Potential applicants find the one-on-one, IM-style interaction familiar and convenient. Immediate responses and end-to-end message histories make these chats much more efficient than emails, which take longer and can lead to ambiguity. AI bots such as Plato, can learn from their interactions with prospective learners on online and offline education provider's websites and fine-tune their responses in a way that gets applicants to enrol in courses or register for updates.

The role of online chatbots in training institutes goes beyond catering to enquiries and course requests. Throughout their interactions with prospective and existing students, Plato will gather large amounts of data. This data contains helpful pointers about learner and visitor behaviour, concerning information that they can -- or cannot -- find on the online and offline education provider's website. The institute management can track and monitor people's queries received via live chat, and carry out analyses to identify areas where their website content or interface needs improvement. The entire process can be repeated at regular intervals, allowing the training provider to understand and keep up with the changing demands and preferences of its students.

Not only that, but Plato can also be helpful for course guidance and troubleshooting after admission. Studies have shown that poor student support and a general impression of neglect are among the key reasons why students drop out of courses in training institutes. Plato can thus empower your students with effective and frequent communication with you. This, coupled with proper identification of information gaps, can help you reduce dropouts as well. Plato can thus ensure a seamless experience for students who are offered admission at your institute.

One of the major areas of concern for any business is the ability to address more than one customer at a time. Plato can talk to many visitors and students at the same time and be solving the issues at the same time. This makes Plato a valuable tool to take customer and visitor interaction to the next level. By enabling a brand experience that is simpler and more seamless for customers and visitors, Plato can also reduce a significant amount of cost and help optimize the resources of your company.

Along with text and voice, Plato can also present rich content to your customers with product pages, images, blog posts, tutorial videos and based on the answers it can help them reach a required solution or persuade them by showing more relevant content.

Always Available

  • The biggest benefit of chatBot is the 24/7 availability and instant response rate.


  • Ready for speech enabled conversations.

Language Understanding

  • Can communicate with user in Natural Languages like English, Spanish, French etc.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Ability to learn with the data using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Omni Channel

  • Connect/Integrate with Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Multi Lingual

  • Allow your customers to interact with you in their native language.